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Probioform – living bacteria – for a healthy gut (supplement)


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Why Probioform?

Probiotics are natural, so we make Probioform as nature intended.

There was a time in human history when probiotic supplements were not necessary. We simply got the right amount of useful microbes, such as lactic acid bacteria and wild yeast, from our daily diet. These types of bacteria are found on all leaves, roots, nuts and fruits we consumed, as well as other natural foods.These healthy microbes serve an important purpose: they help us absorb and digest food, as well as break down proteins into readily absorbable amino acids. They even create enzymes and vitamins that our bodies need. It was as though every bite of nature gave us the correct amount of good bacteria we needed to properly digest the food.

For a long time, we lived in harmony with the bacteria and microbes in our surroundings. This symbiosis created balance between nature and our digestive processes. But, in these modern times, this balance is rare, and it is easy for our digestive system to experience issues as a result.

That’s where Probioform comes in. Our living liquid probiotic is made to deliver the same symbiosis between digestive health and microbes that we used to get from nature. It can help you restore that balance that nature once gave us, allowing you to live without the digestive problems that disrupt the lives of so many people.


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